Dancing Deva Flower Essences

Flower essences are natural, vibrational infusions containing patterns of transferred energy from the life force of flowers. They work with the electrical system of the body to promote balance on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. My stock essences are hand-crafted from a neighborhood garden project in the San Francisco Bay Area and are suitable as personal remedies and for practitioner work. The Healing Formulas are ready made combinations utilizing Dancing Deva essences and other flower essence lines. They are affordable, safe, and easy to use for adults, children and pets. 

The Healing Formulas
The Healing Formulas are affordable, completely safe, easy to administer and useful for the whole family; adults, children and pets. Each solution bottle contains flower and gem essences in a base of pure water with a small amount of brandy to preserve. "Calm Pet" Formula is preserved in vegetable glycerin for your pet's safety.

Dilute 5 to 7 drops of solution in a glass of water and sip at intervals, or place drops directly in the mouth, under the tongue. They can also be placed on the body or in the bath. Take whenever desired. For long standing challenges, administer three to six times per day for seven to nine consecutive days. For pets and young children, two or three drops will suffice; in water or dropped on the body.   
"Calm Down" Formula  

When one needs to relax and recover after a stressful situation, accident, shock or trauma. Excellent for a first aid kit. Keep a bottle within easy reach in your purse, care, workplace or gym bag. Order

"Easy Change" Formula

Times of upheaval and transitions such as with home, career, relationship, community, or during personal growth and identity shift. Helps to bring balance and grounding when we feel a lack of stability or out-of-control. Order

"Happy Heart" Formula

Opening and healing the heart, fostering joy and connecting to a natural state of happiness and well-being. Good to take during times of grief, loss, depression, or when we're feeling low self-esteem, unlovable or self-critical. Order

"Calm Pet" Formula

Supporting our beloved animal friends when they experience stress, fear, nervousness or trauma. Promotes calmness, relief of tension and feelings of safety. Order

Information on the Dancing Deva complete line of individual stock essence remedies soon to come. 

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