The following is a ‘fabulous five’ list of practitioners I’ve put together for you as an alternative to a session with me. I view them as the closest matches for the awareness that I work with and serve through. Feel free to contact any or all of them for more information. They’re good people and skilled healers and therapists. I’ve received sessions from all of them. They've all been informed that I may refer you to them and they welcome you. Feel free to ask me which person I feel would be the best match for you.

MaryAnn Gutoff has been a practitioner of healing arts for as long as I have. She’s certified and trained in many modalities. She offers counseling, life coaching and an amazing work called Bodytalk. MaryAnn and I have similarities in our intuitive abilities. She has a nurturing ‘mama bear’ energy and is compassionate, caring and wise. She’s an excellent listener and is highly creative in her approach. She has an office in Half Moon Bay and is available for Skype and phone sessions. 650.726.2882 

John Roddy holds a degree in psychotherapy and spent many years as psychic reader, counselor, life coach and energy healing practitioner before redirecting part of his practice more deeply into holistic health arts such as medical qi gong, neuro nutrition therapy and planetary herbology. He knows how to get to the heart of the matter and holds a presence that helps people to feel safe to reveal anything. He is skillful and an excellent guide with more than two decades of experience in service. He has an office in San Mateo and offers sessions by phone.

Lisa Smole is a certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist with extensive knowledge of metaphysical, spiritual and healing practices. She’s also a teacher of martial arts (Shoshin Ryu). Lisa is perceptive, able to help identify core patterns and has many techniques to help you release what doesn’t serve you. She’s gentle, compassionate, and perceptive. She’s currently moving from New Mexico to Oregon and begins taking clients again in July 2016 via Skype and phone. 505-500-4031

Robin Clark is life coach, counselor, artist and photographer for women. She’s an excellent guide for those wanting to jump start their creativity and/or life purpose. She knows how to guide people deep into inner inquiry to find the heart and soul truth. She offers a free 20 minute get-to-know-her consultation to help you decide if her work is a match for you. She works in San Mateo and via Skype and phone.  650.933.0026

You'll find additional referrals to excellent people on the connections page.