Frequently Asked Questions for Booking 

Q: I can see a number of services Jacqueline offers, which service do I book?

A: You’ll likely recognize one of the offerings as a description of your existing work. If not, book any session and Jacqueline can offer assistance when you meet. You may see a service you didn’t know was available. You’re invited to try something new as it feels right to you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. 

 Q: Will the booking system automatically update my own calendar with bookings?

A: Somewhat. Acuity Scheduling will email you each time you make, change, or cancel a booking. The notification email also contains a calendar entry file, which most Google Calendar / iCal / Outlook can read. Whether your calendar app automatically updates your calendar with the booking information depends on your settings, i.e. whether smart features like personalization need are turned on in your Gmail account. Please double-check that all information from the notification emails is reflected correctly in your calendar.

 Q: Can I update my booking directly from my calendar app?

A: Any changes need to be made directly in the online scheduling platform, otherwise they have not been translated into Jacqueline’s diary. You can change/cancel your appointment by clicking the link in your notification email, which will take you to the online booking page. Each change to an appointment you make is automatically followed up with a notification email. Please note that after having made changes to your appointment in the online booking system, you may still need to update your calendar manually.

 Q: What is the easiest way to manage my appointments?

A: The easiest way to manage your appointments is by logging into the online scheduling platform - the option to do so comes up each time you make booking, on the final confirmation page. Once you log-in into the system, all your personal information will be automatically pre-entered into the booking form, which will make the booking process seamless, quick and convenient.

You might already have an Acuity account if you have used Acuity Scheduling in the past with a different service/vendor.

Q: Will I be receiving appointment email reminders?

Yes, the booking system will email you with an appointment reminder 48 hours and again 1 hour before your booking start time. The reminder email will also contain the Zoom joining link. Please note that Jacqueline’s 24-hour cancellation policy still applies.

Q: Can I unsubscribe from email notifications?

Absolutely, you can. You can find the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your notification emails. This will, however, disable all email notifications from the online booking system, and we will not be able to re-subscribe you on our end if you change your mind. You can re-subscribe again by clicking the same unsubscribe link from a notification email you received.

Q: I have not used an online scheduler before, can I get help with making and managing my bookings?

A: Absolutely, William will be available to assist in any way possible.

Q: Will I keep receiving emails from William, your assistant?

A: Ideally, the whole booking process takes place via the online booking system. However, William is still available and you can contact him as usual via for any assistance. William might also contact you from time to time with updates or important information.

We’ll be in touch over the coming week ahead of the transfer of your individual appointments into Acuity Scheduling, please get in touch with my assistant William: should you have any questions or concerns at all in the meantime.

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