Good Morning, Magnificence! 


You are invited to a little daily spot of spiritual sunshine. Join the 'Good Morning, Magnificence' Telegram channel for brief doses of audio inspiration to wake up with praise to Life and Love. Recorded by Jacqueline and her stellar friends.

Your Daily Dose of Praise and Prayer 
Join the Telegram channel to tune in for a once-per-day moment of Life-praising, positive prayer and invocation.

Enjoy a little daily bite-sized dose of goodness and light. Add your requests for support and love for yourself and others.

Praise Life. Be grateful. Open your heart. Remember the good. Attune with Great Spirit. Cultivate joy. Raise your frequency. Align with your higher self. Smile. 

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Uplifting Recordings Presented Daily by Jacqueline & Her Stellar Friends
Jacqueline and her team of magnificent ones have been working together since 2019 to bring education, healing, and blessings to people all over the world. We're still just getting starting, so look forward to more stellar offerings from us on the horizon.

You'll hear the heart-filled voices of Adam, Aimee, Aly, Felicity, Leila, and Jacqueline delivering your recordings. We all feel blessed to be working together in service to Love.  
Adam Sibalik
Energy Alchemist
Spiritual Coach
Aimee Watson
Empowerment Coach Yoga Teacher
Spiritual Creative 
Aly Cunynghame
Intuitive Practitioner   Kinesiologist
 Humanism Minister
Felicity Claire Whaley
Ordained Priestess 
Healing Practitioner
Holistic Educator
Leila Kimiai-Nia
Embodiment Guide
Creative Artist
Food Alchemist
Jacqueline René
Ordained Minister
Holistic Counselor
Spiritual Guide

Is there someone or something you desire to see greater love, prosperity, healing, fulfillment, ease, positive energies, or something good and wonderful being received? We invite you to add your request to our Magnificent Intentions Prayer List: 


Praise for Good Morning, Magnificence!
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." 

"Thank you so much for the meditation this morning. It reminded me that I’m not the one driving the train, so I don’t have to worry - it’s being handled! 
It was exactly what I needed to hear."

"What a wonderful way to start the day. A wonder full bright and shining idea. Just what I needed. Thank you" 

"I am LOVING Jacqueline's Telegram Channel!"

"Thank you! This is beautiful and sweet."

"What a beautiful and powerful meditational prayer. I feel I've received so much healing."


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