Light Up The World With Love! 
Stellar Tribe is a heart-centred community of like-spirited individuals dedicated to personally evolving and spiritually awakening to our best potential, together inspiring the world to greater Love.

Hello, Stellar Being, 

You have felt the call to have your life ascend to a new level, to be a part of the team of awakening souls powerfully building the light of good, supporting our world during challenging times.  
We invite you to join us as we receive help to support ourselves and each other in healing transformation, unfolding the petals of our spiritual essence, determining to live our magnificence as a blessing to ourselves and others in the magical and nurturing environment we create together. 

The Intention of Stellar Tribe is to:

  • provide inspiration and support for awakening to and living our magnificence as spiritual beings having a human experience. 
  • add light to the collective consciousness of humanity by living our purpose as a blessing and beacon of light. 
  • support the practice and development of consistently living in appreciation, compassion, kindness, acceptance, trust, humility, empowerment, joy, and love.
  • celebrate together as we learn to lift our heart energy and make progress with rising into our stellar self for bringing the light of love to our world.  
This is a gathering for spiritual development. 
All are welcome in love. 
(Under 18's must have parental permission)


"The power of our community is a blanket of great healing and acceptance." 

                                                                                                                          ~Stellar Tribe Member

Members receive a weekly email with channelled spiritual transmissions and inspiration and invitation to our weekly online meeting for further exploration amongst our kind-hearted community.  

Receive a trial transmission from The Golden with a FREE edition of our member's Stellar Radiance email.

Stellar Tribe Membership Subscriptions

Monthly: £44 per month 
Annually £33 per month 

(Membership can be cancelled at any time. The annual rate will be locked in for the entire year from the date you subscribe.) 

We're working on our new website and registration portal. Contact us if you'd like more information about joining Stellar Tribe.

Messages from The Golden

During many decades of service offering thousands of sessions to individuals and groups, combined with inherited gifts, Jacqueline developed her abilities as a psychic medium and channel. Near the end of 2022, a group of highly evolved spiritual beings began to work with her and her existing spiritual guides, supporting Jacqueline towards the next stage of trance channelling. Stellar Tribe was created as a home for the messages of guiding light from this collective of spiritual beings known as 'The Golden,' and our love-filled members who receive and work with their uplifting and powerful messages. 


Jacqueline offers personalized channelled audio recordings from The Golden in 15-minute

 increments. Be in touch if you'd like more information.

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